The Dirty Little Secret of The Electronic Era

Friday, July 11, 2014 12:30

Laptops, phones, mp3 players and other electronic gadgets have become staple commodities in today’s technological era.  Our need for new and improved electronic equipment that becomes obsolete in two or three years has spawned the fastest growing waste stream: e-waste.




The Problem:

In 2012 the world purchased 238.5 million televisions, 444.4 million computers and tablets and a staggering 1.75 billion cellphones. Back in 2008, Allen Hershkowitz, senior scientist at the Natural Resource Defense Council, estimated that in the USA alone we throw out 48 million computers and 100  every year. In fact, according to Sustainable Electronics Recycling International, the average US cellphone has a 22 month lifecycle. All these discarded electronics add up to 5-7million tons of ewaste every year from the USA alone. The volume of this electronic waste is expected to increase by 33% by 2020.

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    Employment Opportunity – Account Manager

    Monday, June 9, 2014 12:19
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    photo1Want to be at the forefront of clean-tech energy education? Are you looking to join an established startup?

    Great! We are looking for Account Managers to work with corporations, universities, utilities, publishers, and other educators in order to promote sustainability for our world’s future. We operate as a startup, adopting lean methodologies, where you will make a tremendous impact by supporting our sales team and growing our business.

    You will be collaborating with a highly-motivated network of grant writers, marketing specialists, and operations coordinators. It is definitely an innovative, fast-paced and exciting place to be! Read the rest of this entry »

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      Hopes for a Healthier Job Market: Anticipating Obama’s State of the Union Address

      Tuesday, January 28, 2014 11:08
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      Obama State of the UnionAs President Obama addresses high-level topics from behind the podium in today’s State of the Union Address, one discussion point may not be so out of reach for the laymen and laywomen it affects: the stumbling job market. While people will have to wait and see what comes of conversations about foreign policy and health care infrastructure, Americans have decidedly more efficacy with regards to their role in the workforce. Both populace and government alike must take action to improve employment prospects… Read the rest of this entry »

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        Friday Round-Up 11/30/2012

        Friday, November 30, 2012 11:11
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        SolarCity Prices Its IPO But Is It A Solar Company Or A Financial Firm?

        Solar Panel InstallationSolarCity on Tuesday priced its initial public offering between $13 and $15 a share, going where few companies have dared to go as the market has grown hostile to green tech startups, particularly those in the solar business.

        While SolarCity does indeed install photovoltaic panels on residential and commercial rooftops, its business and future success depends on putting together investment funds that finance solar leases for homeowners. Some 90% of SolarCity’s customers opt to rent their solar panels for a monthly fee rather than fork over five figures for a typical photovoltaic arrays.


        Polar Ice Sheets Melt Faster

        Melting GlaciersHigher temperatures over the past two decades have caused the polar ice sheets to melt at an accelerating rate, contributing to an almost half-inch rise in global sea levels, according to the most comprehensive study done so far.

        The new study, published Thursday in the journal Science, estimates that the melting of the ice sheets as a whole has raised global sea levels by 11.1 millimeters (0.43 inch) since 1992. That represents one-fifth of the total sea-level increase recorded in that period. In the 1990s, melting of the polar ice sheets was responsible for about 10% of the global sea-level rise, but now it represents about 30%, the data suggest.

        Read more at the Wall Street Journal

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