Mold Inspection

Mold Inspection

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Mold Inspection

CleanEdison's Mold Inspection course aligns with the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This course will provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and certification needed to work with mold contamination on the job site.

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    • Mold is increasingly becoming a topic of concern among building owners, facility managers and occupants.
    • In response, it is important to have qualified indoor air quality professionals who are able to identify mold and similar issues in both residential and commercial buildings.
    • This in-depth course will help you learn the skills and knowledge necessary to start a mold inspection career. You will not only learn about mold, but how to inspect and write up professional reports.

    There are no prerequisites. Our mold inspection course is ideal for:

    • Home inspectors
    • Contractors
    • HVAC Professionals
    • Insulation professionals
    • General contractors 
    • Anyone interested in inspecting projects that may contain mold.

    CleanEdison's 3-day Mold Investigation training prepares students to identify indoor air quality issues, specifically mold and other bioaerosols.

    Coure Topics

    • How to perform mold investigations
    • Applying best work practices
    • Understand relevant regulations and other requirements.

    • 3-day course includes 16 hours of classroom instruction and 8 hours of hands-on training
    • All course materials and handbooks
    • Mold Inspector Certificate

    Upon completion of this course, participants will receive a Mold Inspector Certificate documenting that they have the training necessary to inspect projects that may contain mold.

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Mold Inspection Tutoring, AA July 22nd, 2014   $475

Course Reviews

  • 5.0  / 5.0
    November 13, 2013
    "The practice session was very good, I recommend it"
  • 4.5  / 5.0
    February 12, 2013
    "After many years as builder, this course will help get better paid jobs"
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    November 19, 2012
    "This course helped me to be more competitive as inspector"
  • 4.5  / 5.0
    November 10, 2012
    "There is high demand for mold analysis in my area, I can start bidding on more projects now"
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    December 5, 2012
    "This skill will add more services to my customers"
  • 4.5  / 5.0
    November 29, 2012
    "This course complements my skills as home inspector, I can add more value now"

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