MSSC Certified Production Technician

MSSC Certified Production Technician

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The MSSC Certified Production Technician certification is the nationally recognized certification supported by the National Association of Manufacturers. The training will enable workers to build the core knowledge and skills required in modern advanced manufacturing. This course will validate the worker's technical, academic and employability skills needed in the modern manufacturing environment.

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    • The NIMS standards serve as the basis for the certification of individual skills
    • All NIMS standards are industry written and industry validated
    • NIMS Certification is simply the primary way to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and certification needed to perform common duties in the advanced manufacturing industry.

    CleanEdison's MSSC Certified Production Technician course consists of five individual certification modules. Candidates must earn the first four certificates to receive the full CPT (Certified Product Technician) certification.

    Course Modules:

    • Safety
    • Quality Practices & Measurement/li>
    • Manufacturing Processes & Production<
    • Maintenance Awareness
    • Green Production

    Note: At this time, Green Production is not required for the full CPT certification

    • 140 hours of live classroom instruction
    • Detailed student manual
    • MSSC Standards Production Certification exam registration and fee

    Individuals demonstrate their understanding of the core skills and knowledge though five assessments based upon MSSC's industry-defined, nationally validated skill standards. The exam is delivered online, where each assessment contains about 80-90 multiple-choice questions (paper versions are available in special circumstances).

    Individuals are allowed 90 minutes to complete each assessment MSSC provides assessment scores as soon as the individual completes an assessment showing whether an individual met the "cut" scores for passing.  This immediate feedback includes a diagnostic report for the individual showing how he or she scored on the key work activities. This information is intended for self-improvement and is provided to all test-takers whether they pass or not.

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