BPI Energy Auditor

BPI Energy Auditor

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BPI Energy Auditor

CleanEdison's BPI Energy Auditor course aligns with the standards administered by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and supported by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). This course will provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and certification needed to take the next step as an energy auditor.

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    • The BPI Energy Auditor Certification was piloted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to be the next step in the career ladder for BPI Building Analysts.
    • This BPI Certification is specifically tailored to the job task of energy auditing, as opposed to the fundamentals of building science covered under the Building Analyst course.
    • This certification shows a comprehensive knowledge of all the skills and tools needed to perform residential energy audits as well as provide the next steps towards energy reduction.

    There are prerequisites for this certification (see below)

    Our BPI Energy Auditor course is ideal for:

    • Energy auditors
    • Insulation professionals
    • Home inspectors
    • HVAC technicians
    • Anyone  interested in a career in energy auditing.

    CleanEdison's 5-day Energy Auditor training for BPI Certification closely follows the NREL Energy Auditor Job Task Analysis.

    Course Topics

    • Demonstrating professional conduct
    • Collecting information about the building
    • Conducting air quality tests
    • Evaluating model data
    • Advanced energy analyses
    • Recommending Solutions

    • Five days of live instruction
    • All course materials and handbooks
    • CleanEdison Pass Guarantee: if you do not pass the certification exam on your first try, you may re-take the course at no additional cost

    The Energy Auditor course prepares students to sit for BPI's written exam and field exams. Passing both exams will earn the candidate the BPI Energy Auditor certification, which meets the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO 17024) benchmark for quality personnel certifications.

    Live Course + Field Training + Written and Field Exams: $2995

    Early Bird Discount: Only $2595 when you book 30 days or more in advance!

    Student financing and payment plans now available! Call 888-513-3476 for more information.

    CleanEdison Course Policy

    Candidates must have ALL of these prerequisites before taking the exams:

    • Education: GED/high school diploma or equivalent education
    • Experience: minimum 1,000 hours of relevant experience, including one or more of the following: be a crew leader in a weatherization trade or related field, be in a building science trade performing audits under the supervision of an auditor, or be an energy auditor 
    • 15 comprehensive whole house audits (with proof)
    • 20 points from the following table:
     Possible Points  Maximum Points
     Building Experience    5 for every 1,000 hours     10
     Training  5 for every 40 hours  10
     Industry Certifications  5 per certification  10

Course Locations Select a location for additional class details

September 8th, 2014
October 20th, 2014
September 8th, 2014
October 13th, 2014
October 20th, 2014
October 27th, 2014
October 6th, 2014

Name Location Start Date End Date Price
BPI Energy Auditor Baltimore, MD September 8th, 2014   $2995
BPI Energy Auditor Boston, MA October 20th, 2014   $2995
BPI Energy Auditor Chicago, IL September 8th, 2014   $2995
BPI Energy Auditor Dallas, TX October 13th, 2014   $2995
BPI Energy Auditor Houston, TX October 20th, 2014   $2995
BPI Energy Auditor Newark, NJ October 27th, 2014   $2995
BPI Energy Auditor San Francisco, CA October 6th, 2014   $2995
BPI Energy Auditor Tutoring, AA July 22nd, 2014   $2995

Course Reviews

  • 5.0  / 5.0
    June 8, 2013
    "The training was effective and I completed my certification quickly"
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    January 5, 2013
    "Thanks to the CleanEdison course, I was able to become more competitive as energy auditor"
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    April 7, 2013
    "This course was good and effective, I got certified and started a new job right after"
  • 4.0  / 5.0
    May 10, 2013
    "The instructor was very good, and we all got certified on the first try"
  • 4.0  / 5.0
    February 10, 2013
    "The CleanEdison courses are well designed and the instructor is a true professional"
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    July 8, 2013
    "This skillset complements my business as home inspector, with this certification I can start a new line of business"
  • 4.5  / 5.0
    August 5, 2013
    "CleanEdison is a good partner and they helped me find a way to finance the class"
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    May 5, 2013
    "This course met all standards and it validated my experience as energy auditor, now I am certified"
  • 4.5  / 5.0
    July 5, 2013
    "I am very satisfied with this course and got a job opportunity abroad, really interesting"
  • 5.0  / 5.0
    February 22, 2013
    "This course is good, I was able to get certified right away"
  • 4.5  / 5.0
    January 25, 2013
    "This course was very good, the instructor was direct. "
  • 4.5  / 5.0
    March 13, 2013
    "CleanEdison provides professional help from the people who help you sign up for classes to the professors who are well trained and have vast knowledge in these subjects. I was able to gain new skills which helped me get a better job with a much better salary. These courses definitely help you pass the exams and open new opportunities."

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